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How do I create a company-wide email signature in G Suite?
  • Signup to Bulk Signature Free Email Signature Manager
  • Create your first signature. Go to Manage Signatures tab and create a “global” signature for all employees. If you want to create a signature to a specific set of people (for example, groups) choose the “user-specific signature” option.
  • Follow the two steps indicated in the form. Create the signature based on templates or based on easy-to-use HTML editor. Assign the signature and close.
Yes, currently, it is completely free.
You can create unlimited campaign signatures in Bulk Signature signature management software. Just create and assign user-specific signatures in the “Manage Signatures” tab.
Yes, you can take our templates for your personal and company use. You can also customize our templates by putting your logo and your company’s colors.
You can organize your email signatures by your company’s needs at Bulk Signature free email signature management software. You can create signatures by organizational units, by groups or assign signatures to specific people like managers. You can customize how your signature appears at the bottom of your emails for those specific people. Just go to my company tab and see how email signatures are organized.
No, we cannot access your emails. We use the APIs to communicate with GSuite and the API’s don’t give us the access to your emails. We can only access the user settings -> signatures. You can read more about the data that we get from gmail from our privacy policy here:

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