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Due to the limitations of Google Workspace Marketplace, the organization-wide applications like BulkSignature can only be uninstalled from Google Admin console

To uninstall the app go to > Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace Apps > Apps List > choose the BulkSignature (Email Signature Management for Gmail) from the list > click the Uninstall app button on the left. 

Currently, the Gmail app on Android doesn’t support the HTML signatures. Therefore, your desktop email signatures would not work on Android app. However, you can use other email clients for enabling HTML email signatures as outlined in this guide.

If you are using an iPhone, you can copy and paste your email signature from Gmail into Apple Mail. Unfortunately, the new version of the Gmail app discontinued desktop email signatures support. Therefore email signatures you created using the BulkSignature app will no longer appear in receiver’s end after you send an email.

However, as of December 2023, the representatives of the Gmail team announced that they are bringing the feature back in the upcoming updates. Keep in mind that the additional testing is required. The Gmail team reps have also pointed out that you need to make sure your mobile signature is disabled. 

Until the update is not there the best possible solution would be to go with the Apple Mail that support HTML email signatures. Follow these instructions to install your email signature from desktop into Apple Mail:

1. Send the HTML email signature to your Apple device (send it from your desktop in an email or any other way).

2. Copy the email signature on your phone.

3. Go to your iPhone’s settings.

4. Find Mail.

5. Scroll down to the Signature section.

6. Remove your existing plain-text email signature (“Sent from my iPhone”).

7. Paste in your HTML email signature.

8. Tap on your email signatures with three fingers.

9. Hit the arrow button on the left to revert your email signature to the previous format that it originally had.

10. Now you can just close the settings and your email signature should appear in the Compose pane. 

BulkSignature is currently available for Outlook. The desktop extension can be easily downloaded and installed, allowing users to efficiently push their company’s signature to their Outlook copy. This saves time for individual users and helps maintain a professional image for the company.

Apple Mail extension is coming soon.

On BulkSignature you can invite other users from your organization for shared access to the application. You can performer it from within the app. Go to Settings > User Access Permissions > Invite

Your users will be able to login by activating the app through email. 

To create email signature in Gmail, go to your Settings and find the Signatures section. Create a signature and install it as a default for new emails.

For more flexibility and company-wide email signature management you should try using BulkSignature. The tool will allow you to design HTML email signatures for everyone in your company and install them to your users’ inboxes in seconds

1. Install BulkSignature from Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Log in to the app from the BulkSignature website or find the app in your Gmail’s list of applications (six-dot button).

3. Import your company and user data from your Google Workspace.

4. Select and customize the available email signature templates or create your own template from scratch.

5. Go to the Assign section.

6. Assign it to everyone or select specific users/departments/groups/organizational units.

7. Go to your Gmail. You will be able to see your email signature in the compose pane.

To create email signatures with links and visuals (like profile pictures, company logos, call-to-action banners, social media icons, etc.), you need to use an HTML editor. It will allow you to create powerful email signatures with a great number features

BulkSignature provides a flexible HTML editor with boundless customizable templates and features. You can also create your own email signature from scratch using its functionality.

Moreover, you can insert and customize your own HTML email signature and install it to all users in your organization. You will be able to apply your email signature template to everyone in your organization in seconds by means of the personalized attributes like names, job titles, etc.

1.Install BulkSignature from Google Workspace Marketplace and import your Google Directory Users.

2.Use custom field placeholders in BulkSignature reserved for any fields that is not directly available in Google Admin console.

3.Use the custom fields in your company email signature template.

4.Save and assign your signature to see the pronouns.

1.Install BulkSignature from Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Go to Company Management.

3. Define your social media URLs inside the social media fields for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

2.Go to Signature Management.

3. Create/edit any signature.

4. Go to the icons section. Adjust the icons’ size, shape, and color. 

5. Drag and drop the social media icons from right sidebar.

6. The links defined in my company menu will be inserted automatically for Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and Instagram.

7. You can define your custom URLs by selecting the icon and editing the links. 

Google Workspace (GSuite) does not provide any built-in solutions for the company-wide email signatures  management as a part of Google Admin console functionality.

Instead, you can use the Google Workspace Marketplace apps like BulkSignature to create a company-wide email signatures for all users in your organization.

BulkSignature uses Google Workspace API which provides built-in security and seamless integration. 

Modifying email signatures with the Gmail API requires extensive coding knowledge and a lot of maintenance.

BulkSignature is a great alternative if you want to save time and resources

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