Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can give certain employees an access to BulkSignature.com. For that, go to Settings and invite users at User Access Permissions tab. 

Your users will be able to login by activating the app through email. 

BulkSignature isn’t currently available for Outlook or Apple Mail. It works only for Gmail Web interface. 

You can format your signatures using the fonts we made available on the signature editor. Gmail does not support the custom fonts. We use the fonts available in Google. 

Currently, Android doesn’t support the HTML signatures. 

You can enable the Gmail signatures in IOS app.Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to the Gmail application from your iPhone, then click “Settings”, then “Signature settings”.

Step2: Disable the “Mobile Signature” button. From now on, the BulkSignature signature will be integrated when sending emails from your iPhone.

The signature will no longer be visible when you send emails but it will be added to your email when sent. 

If you’ve created the global signature by mistake, it is not possible to remove it from your users. However, we can push blank white signature to your users for you. Contact us for more details. 

Haven't found the answer? We can help.

Contact us at support@bulksignature.com