Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can give certain employees an access to For that, go to Settings and invite users at User Access Permissions tab. 

Your users will be able to login by activating the app through email. 

BulkSignature is currently available for Outlook. The desktop extension can be easily downloaded and installed, allowing users to efficiently push their company’s signature to their Outlook copy. This saves time for individual users and helps maintain a professional image for the company.

Apple Mail extension is coming soon.

Currently, Android doesn’t support the HTML signatures. 

You can enable the Gmail signatures in IOS app.Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to the Gmail application from your iPhone, then click “Settings”, then “Signature settings”.

Step2: Disable the “Mobile Signature” button. From now on, the BulkSignature signature will be integrated when sending emails from your iPhone.

The signature will no longer be visible when you send emails but it will be added to your email when sent. 

To create email signature in Gmail go to navigate to gmail settings and find signatures section. Create a signature and install it as a default for a new mail. To create a company-wide signature in Gmail install the BulkSignature plugin in Google Workspace Marketplace

  • Connect your G Suite Super Admin with BulkSignature to be able to deploy email signatures for all staff
  • Login to BulkSignature using the icon on top right corder of your Gmail
  • Import Google directory users
  • Create a global signature template using the available templates or your own HTML. Click save and assign button
  • View your email signature is published immediately in Gmail

To create email signatures with links, you will need to create an email signature in html format.

Go to BulkSignature and create your own signature using the html editor. Insert pictures and links.

You can also paste your own html signature into BulkSignature and install it for all users in your organization. You can create a template out of your own html by using the personalized attributes like names and job titles.

1.Install BulkSignature from Google Workspace Marketplace and import your Google Directory Users

2.Use custom field placeholders  in BulkSignature reserved for any fields that not directly available in Google admin console

3.Use the custom fields in your company email signature template

4.Save and assign your signature to see the pronouns

1.Inside BulkSignature – go to my company menu and define  social media urls inside the social media fields for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more…

2.Go to manage signatures menu and create/edit any signature. Drag and drop social media icons from right sidebar. There are about 18 social media icons to choose from. Double click on the social media icon to change the color, size and shape. The links defined in my company menu will be inserted automatically for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. You can insert your own social media urls in the popup box for other social networks

The GSuite currently does not provide company-wide email signatures as a part of Google admin console functionality. Instead, you can use the Google Workspace Marketplace apps like BulkSignature to create a company wide email signatures for your directory users. BulkSignature uses Google Workspace API which provides built-in security and seamless integration

Modifying email signatures with the Gmail API requires extensive coding knowledge and a lot of maintenance. BulkSignature is a great alternative if you want to save time and resources

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