Email Signature Management Integration for Google Workspace

BulkSignature ensures complete Google Workspace integration, allowing you to create and manage email signatures of all users at one place

BulkSignature: Google Workspace Integration
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Create professional email signatures, change signatures anytime you need, use different templates for various campaigns, gain knowledge and analytics about the impact of your signatures.

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Empower productivity by taking control of your organization’s email signatures with our consistent, powerful, and easy-to-use tool.

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The time-consuming nature of manual email signatures causes huge managerial issues and loads up employees with unnecessary tasks.

BulkSignature takes away the burden of manual email signature management. 

Our powerful tool provides total maintenance of effective company-wide email signatures

How BulkSignature Works

With BulkSignature all the users in your Google Workspace get a professional, branded signature on every email sent from any web-enabled device.

The installation of BulkSignature is based around an email client — Gmail web, Outlook, mobile device, etc. Our solution works seamlessly with Gmail Web client.

Keep in mind, BulkSignature, as a client-side email signature solution, cannot have access to your mail flow and any of your sensitive data. Full integration with Google Workspace ensures that your email signatures are set through your Gmail settings and populated from the data in your Google Directory.

BulkSignature Privacy and Security
User access management on BulkSignature

All Gmail Signatures in One Hand!

Our email signature manager software enables centralized control through integration with your Google Workspace.

Seamless admin control of all email signatures can be shared with specific users. This way, anyone in your company can be invited to the tool management. They don’t have to be super admins in your Google Workspace to access the system.

Taking advantage of Google Workspace features

With BulkSignature for Google Workspace, you don’t have to think about accuracy of the contact details in your email signatures. All the information about you and your employees is transferred to your email signatures from your Google Directory. 

Additionally, BulkSignature allows you to change or add selective information depending on your needs.

You can assign signatures to all users, specific individuals, or Google Groups. You can split signatures into groups and manage permissions to limit access based on admin privileges.

Google Admin Console integration with BulkSignature
How email signature are installed to user profiles using BulkSignature

About Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a multipurpose set of applications that help you to expand your capabilities on Google’s platforms. Google Workspace Marketplace provides users with a broad software library that is integrated with Google Workspace. Depending on your needs, you can find anything to improve your productivity.

BulkSignature is natively integrated into Google Workspace. The primary functionality of BulkSignature is about automated email signature management for Gmail and Outlook users.

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Take your Email Signature Management to the Next Level

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You don’t have to manually set email signatures of all employees in your organization. Our tool provides you with the ability to control all your signatures from one place.

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All the necessary changes can be made in just a couple of clicks. Create specific signatures that meet your needs. Enable your marketing activities at the right time.

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The tool has a solid functionality that works firmly with an endless number of users. Each time a new employee is entered into your Google Directory, their new signatures will be automatically populated and deployed.

Security and transparency

300,000+ users rely on our Google Workspace email signature management tool. Complete integration gives us the information about your Settings only. No access to your email flow, no access to any of your sensitive data.

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Use your own preprepared HTML signatures, or employ our broad email signature template library. Don’t like the options? Design your own perfect company-wide email signature with our drag-and-drop editor.

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Forget about checking the contact details of all users in your organization. All the contact details are automatically synced with our tool from your Google Directory.

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