How to generate leads with email signatures

Read our full article on how to generate leads with email signatures. Learn about email signature marketing and why it's better than traditional email marketing

In the digital age, businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to generate leads and boost their marketing ROI. One such method that has proven to be effective is email signature marketing. This blog post will delve into what email signature marketing is, why it’s better than standard email marketing, the importance of lead generation for your business, and how you can generate leads with email signatures.


What is Email Signature Marketing?

Email signature marketing is a technique where businesses leverage their email signatures as a marketing tool. Every email sent from the business contains a signature that not only provides contact information but also promotes the company’s products, services, or content.

An email signature example that illustrates the promotion of a product or services, and social media channels

Instead of just signing off with your name, you can transform your email signature into a promotional element. With this simple element you can achieve multiple goals from your product promotion to lead generation and prime prospects for conversions. Email signatures marketing can help streamline the process for potential clients and increase the likelihood of them engaging with your services.

Why Email Signature Marketing is Better Than Standard Email Marketing?

While standard email marketing focuses on sending promotional emails to a list of subscribers, email signature marketing takes advantage of every email sent from your business, whether it’s a sales pitch to a potential client or a simple reply to a customer inquiry. This means that every email interaction becomes a marketing opportunity, making it a more pervasive and less intrusive form of marketing.

We know that the average email marketing campaign open rate is about 21%. At the same time, the successful open rate is considered above 25%. Apart from that, the average click-through rate is as low as 2.62%. But what is the reason for that? It’s simple. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ADS and they try to avoid them by any means! When we open our inboxes it’s always easy to spot promotional letters, it’s even easier to avoid them by reporting them as spam. 

Report spam

On the other hand, when it comes to email signature marketing, we refer to business email communication, which is almost never ignored. Emails that were written by people and not machines will always have a higher credibility. According to HubSpot, 75% of marketer believe that personalized content drives sales and repeats business. At the same time, email signatures are not only useful for you, but also are quite important for your recipients. Professional email signatures allow your recipients to learn more about your business, values, and image. When performed accordingly, your email signatures can sky-rocket your marketing ROI. 

What is Lead Generation and Why is it Important for Your Business?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. It’s important because it’s the first step in the sales process. Without leads, there are no clients or customers. Therefore, effective lead generation strategies are crucial for business growth.

Based on the HubSpot’s Marketing Report 2024, 15% of marketers agree that traffic and lead generation is the most challenging task, while 50% of marketers believe lead generation has a top priority in 2024. According to Semrush, 36% of marketers pointed out lead generation as a key marketing goal.

Lead generation can be done through various methods such as job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content. With the rise of digital marketing tools and strategies, lead generation is more than just cold calling. It involves the use of sales and marketing automation tools and a variety of online and offline marketing channels to attract audiences.

An email signature example that illustrates the promotion of a blog

The lead-to-customer conversion rate is never 100%, but a good lead generation system can make it easier for your business to grow. For instance, you can gain exposure in the marketplace, attract aligned prospects, and guide them easily toward a purchase while freeing up more time and energy to envision the next best version of your business. Other benefits include growing your social media following, gathering more customer reviews, collecting valuable data about potential customers, running your business more efficiently, and boosting your revenue

Relying on email signature marketing doesn’t require much investment and can significantly alleviate the process of lead generation. 

How to Use Email Signatures for Lead Generation?

There is huge number of factors that affect the efficiency of your email signatures,  the major ones are linked to the design of your email signature. Generating leads with email signatures involves creating a compelling and clickable signature that encourages the recipient to take action. Here are some strategies you can use to achieve your marketing goals:

Personal Profile Picture

Human beings are visual creatures by nature and we always strive to personal connection. Here’s why, a profile picture is one of the most important part of online communication. We tend to find the email interaction with people who have a headshot in their email signature less robotic. On top of that, we tend to remember faces better than names, which is ultimate for your brand recognition and further lead generation.  

Social Media Icons

You can hardly imagine an email signature without social media icons. You can link the icons to the social media pages of your business. This way, you will boost your lead generation by allowing your recipients interact with the public pages of your social media. The best part is that they can always be used in your email signatures since they never take too much space in your template. 

Flat Icons that are available in BulkSignature

There are multiple ways on how you can incorporate social media links to your email signature. The most important thing is to make them accessible by adding enough space between each icon. You should also mind mobile device and dark mode optimization in the process of designing your email signatures. 

Meeting Scheduling Links

Including a link to schedule a meeting in your email signature can be a great way to generate leads. This allows potential clients to book a time slot directly from your email, making it easy for them to connect with you. 

Email signature example with a scheduling button

You can add meeting schedule links in the form of link buttons/widgets or call-to-action banners at the bottom of your email signatures. There is also an option to simply add a link which users can use to book a meeting.   

Add Links to Service Request Forms

If your business offers services that require a request form, include a link to this form in your email signature. This can help streamline the process for potential clients and increase the likelihood of them engaging with your services.

The most prominent way to add links to services or products lies in using call-to-action banners. To make them stand out, we suggest creating an animated call-to-action banner in the GIF format.  

When it comes to service request forms, it’s always about staying informed. By default, Google Forms don’t have a flexible notification system. Fortunately, Google Forms support third-party plugins that allow you to mitigate the problem. Form Notifier is a plugin for customizable form notifications which is especially useful for Service Request Forms. 

Check out our latest in-depth guide on how to create form notifications in Google Forms with Form Notifier:

How to Create Form Notifications for Google Forms

Start Your Free Trial Links

If your business offers a free trial of a product or service, promote this in your email signature. A simple “Start Your Free Trial” link can encourage recipients to try out what you’re offering, potentially converting them into paying customers.

The link can be added in the form of a call-to-action banner or a link button. The most consistent position for the CTA is at the bottom of your email signature. 

Conference or Webinar Promotion

Promoting conferences in your email signature is beneficial as it can increase event attendance, build anticipation, and provide valuable information to subscribers. It also enhances brand recognition by associating your organization with notable figures in your industry. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective marketing strategy as every email sent becomes a promotional opportunity. This approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your communication and make it more impactful.

If you’re hosting a conference or webinar, there is no better way than promoting it in your email signature. This can help increase attendance and generate leads, as attendees may be interested in learning more about your business.

Special Offers or Discount Coupons

Special offers or discounts can be a great way to attract new customers. If you’re running a promotion, consider including a link to it in your email signature. This can help generate interest and lead to increased sales.

Adding special offers presents a chance to boost sales and introduce new products. Tailor your promotions according to customer buying patterns or demographic data. Adding a special deal to your email signature is also an effective method to attract more leads.

How to Boost Marketing ROI with Email Signatures?

Email signatures can significantly boost your marketing ROI by turning every email into a marketing opportunity. By promoting your content, products, or services in your email signature, you can drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and ultimately generate more leads. Plus, it’s a cost-effective marketing strategy as it leverages existing email interactions.


Email signature marketing is a powerful tool for lead generation. By turning every email into a marketing opportunity, businesses can generate more leads, increase their marketing ROI, and ultimately drive business growth.

By implementing these strategies, you can turn your email signature into a powerful lead generation tool. Remember, the key is to provide value and make it easy for the recipient to engage further with your business.