15 Tech YouTube Channels You Should Check Out in 2024

Find more than 15 tech youtube channels that will allow you to boost your knowledge as a system administrator or and IT specialist

In the ever-evolving world of IT, staying up-to-date on the latest advancements is crucial for system administrators. While technical documentation and certifications are invaluable resources, YouTube channels offer a wealth of practical knowledge and industry insights delivered in an engaging format.

This blog post, inspired by recommendations from the r/sysadmin subreddit, curates a list of YouTube channels that cater to a range of interests and experience levels within the system administration community.


YouTube Channels to Level Up Your IT Skills

Network Chuck (3.93M subscribers), run by Charles McKinley, focuses on practical network administration topics. The channel offers a mix of beginner-friendly tutorials, troubleshooting guides for common network issues, and in-depth configuration explanations. McKinley’s clear explanations and engaging personality make complex concepts approachable. The range of topics that Chuck discovers in his videos range from AWS to Microsoft, and “pretty much EVERYTHING in IT”, as he states in his channel’s description.

NetworkChuck YouTube Channel for System Administrators and IT specialists

Chris Titus Tech (602K subscribers), delves into cloud computing and virtualization technologies like VMware and Microsoft Azure. With a focus on real-world application, the channel provides step-by-step guides on system configuration, disaster recovery best practices, and security considerations within cloud environments. Comparing him with the previous YouTube personality, his videos may seem less engaging, but it doesn’t make them less informative by any means.

Chris Titus Tech YouTube Channel for IT specialists and system admins

YouTube Channels to Find Industry Insights

Hak5 (922K subscribers) is a perfect source of knowledge for the security-focused system administrator, Hak5 is a must-subscribe. The channel explores hacking techniques, penetration testing methodologies, and security best practices, keeping you ahead of potential threats. Staying updated on the information discovered on the channel allows you to build up your knowledge and advance your career as a sysadmin.

Hak5 an entertaining YouTube Channel for IT admins and tech specialists

CXOTALK (46.8K subscribers): brings together a panel of industry veterans for insightful discussions on a wide range of IT topics. From cloud security best practices to containerization and automation trends, the channel provides a platform for experts to share their knowledge and offer real-world perspectives. Based on the description of the channel, the main topics that are discussed on the channel primarily revolve around Leadership, Enterprise AI, and the Digital Economy.

COXOTALK is an IT oriented YouTube channel that presents discussions with different specialists from the industry.

Professor Messer (901K subscribers): provides exceptional video resources for those pursuing IT certifications, particularly CompTIA certifications. His clear and concise explanations make complex topics approachable. Some viewers may find it off-putting that the videos are made in the form of PowerPoint presentation without any fancy elements. But the simplicity is actually the key of the channel that makes it so popular. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the content is what makes it so good.

Professor Messer is a simple but very valuable YouTube channel for the specialists who are occupied in the IT industry.

Level1Techs (424K subscribers): offers a range of IT-related content, including system administration tutorials, hardware reviews, and discussions on emerging technologies. Another advantage of the channel lies in the latest hardware reviews that discover all the hidden aspects that are not obvious initially. Aside from the general direction, the channel delves into the scientific aspect of technology.

Level1Techs YouTube Channel for tech oriented specialists

Bite-Sized Learning and Diverse Perspectives

Computerphile (2.4M subscribers), while not strictly focused on system administration, Computerphile provides valuable background knowledge on various computing concepts. Their content, though unpolished, offers a unique academic perspective.

A diverse YouTube Channel that is Called Computerphile discovers various topics that range from IT to hardware

The Technology Firm (10.1K subscribers) ( ): With only 10k subscribers, the Technology Firm delivers quick, informative videos on a wide range of IT topics. These concise explainers are perfect for a quick knowledge refresh or introduction to new concepts. The channel belongs to Tony Fortunato, who is a Senior Network Performance Specialist with experience in design, implementation, and troubleshooting networks since 1989.

A small YouTube channel that is called The Technology Firm was created by a senior network performance specialist. It provides value for IT devs of sdifferent size. Small videos are related to different topics that will allow you to gain new knowledge about the e
SANS Institute (56.8K subscribers) is a renowned cybersecurity training organization. Their YouTube channel features informative presentations on various security topics, offering valuable insights for system administrators. Irrespective of the relatively low count of subscribers, the videos on the channel are of exceptionally high quality.
SANS Institute YouTube Channel that touches upon a huge range of topics that are relevant for tech specialists of different level.

Microsoft and Cloud Focus:

Microsoft Mechanics (336K subscribers), this official Microsoft channel covers the entire Microsoft stack, including Office 365, Azure, Surface devices, and more. Stay up-to-date on the latest developments from Microsoft with informative tutorials and demonstrations.

The official Microsoft channel dedicated to its comprehensive services.

Microsoft 365 (620K subscribers), if you are a heavy Microsoft 365 user, this channel is for you. It offers monthly updates on the latest features and functionalities, perfect for keeping your organization informed.

The official Microsoft 365 channel that covers all the topics related to its products that are widely-used by businesses of different size.

Linux, Soft Skills, and Keeping Up-to-Dat

tutoriaLinux (206K subscribers), this YouTube channel provides comprehensive tutorials on Linux administration, along with valuable soft-skill development content.

tutorialLinux is a great YT channel for tech guys who are interested in learning more about the inner workings of Linux.

This Week in Tech (TWiT) (6.13k subscribers) while not system administration specific, TWiT offers two excellent shows – This Week in Enterprise Tech and Windows Weekly – that cover the latest developments in enterprise technology and the Windows ecosystem, respectively. These shows provide valuable insights into broader industry trends, which makes it one of the perfect tech oriented YouTube channels.

This Week in Enterprise Tech is another underrated YouTube channel for tech enthusiasts who want to more about the latest trends in the industry.

Mastering Google Workspace

Google Workspace (821K subscribers), the official Google Workspace channel is an essential resource. It provides informative and up-to-date videos on a wide range of topics, from getting started with the essentials of Gmail, like rules and filters, and Docs to leveraging advanced features and integrations. This includes the use of Google Workspace Marketplace for the research of third-party solutions for advanced experience. With clear explanations and step-by-step guides, this channel is a one-stop shop for expanding your Google Workspace knowledge. 

The official Google Workspace YouTube channel that every tech specialist should keep track of. The channel is the best place to learn about the latest advancements and ways to improve their teams' productivity.

itGenius Biz Tech Experts (37.6K subscribers) offers a comprehensive library of Google Workspace tutorials and demonstrations. Their content caters to administrators of all experience levels, from beginners exploring the basics to seasoned pros seeking to optimize their Workspace environment. Whether you’re looking to configure user settings, manage security protocols, or automate workflows, itGenius has a video to help you get the job done.

itGenius is a very underappreciated YouTube channel that is dedicated to the Google Workspace services.

Stewart Gauld (265K subscribers), for in-depth dives into specific Google Workspace functionalities, Stewart Gauld’s channel is a valuable resource. Gauld, a Google Workspace Certified Professional, provides insightful analysis and practical advice on optimizing your Workspace deployment. Explore videos on data security best practices, advanced Google Apps Scripting techniques, and maximizing the potential of Google Workspace features. The channel also goes beyond Google services and explores other areas, such as HubSpot, Shopify, etc.

One of the best private YouTube channels about the topics that range from Google Workspace to various e-commerce and CRM systems. You can find almost anything.

The Learning Doesn't Stop at Videos

Remember, YouTube is a fantastic tool for learning, but it shouldn’t be your sole source of information. Here are some additional tips to maximize your YouTube learning experience:

  • Utilize playlists: Many channels curate their content into playlists around specific topics. This allows you to focus your learning on a particular area of interest.
  • Engage with the Community: Leave comments, ask questions, and participate in discussions to gain different perspectives and troubleshoot challenges collaboratively.
  • Refine your search: YouTube’s search bar is powerful. Utilize it to find specific topics you’re looking to learn more about.

By combining these YouTube channels with other resources and hands-on experience, you can continuously expand your skillset and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of IT.