Should You Buy Google Gemini Business for Google Workspace?

Learn more about Gemini Business or Enterprise for Google Workspace

In the ever-evolving landscape of productivity tools, Google has once again stepped up its game with the introduction of Google Gemini. Designed specifically for Google Workspace users, Gemini promises to revolutionize the way we work, collaborate, and create. In this blog post, we’ll delve into this AI-powered suite Google Gemini Business and Enterprise for Google Workspace. We’ll walk you through the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Let’s explore whether Gemini is worth the investment and how it stacks up against other AI models.


What Is Google Gemini?

At its core, Google Gemini is a family of multimodal large language models (LLMs) that can work with text, images, videos, and even code, but also it is a collection of AI-driven tools that are seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace. From composing emails to analyzing spreadsheets, Gemini aims to enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent suggestions.

What is Google Bard or Bard AI?

Learn how Google Bard turned into Google Gemini

Before its rebranding on February 8, 2024, Google Gemini went by the name Google Bard. Bard, initially a lackluster AI chatbot, used an optimized version of LaMDA, a large language model capable of generating natural and engaging responses to open-ended queries. It could also leverage Google search for its responses. However, the transformation from Bard to Gemini marked a significant upgrade.

What is Gemini for Google Workspace and How is It Related to Duet AI?

On the other hand, some users are familiar with Google Duet, which emerged in March 2023 as a suite of helpful AI functions within Google Workspace and Google Cloud. It included features like “Help Me Write”, image generation for Google Slides, data classification for Google Sheets, and much more.

Later to avoid confusion Google decided to put all of its AI-powered services under the same umbrella calling them Google Gemini. Today, if you go to your Google Admin console, you won’t be able to find any mentions of Duet AI. Instead, Google replaced it with Gemini for Google Workspace, which provides all the Duet AI features in a refined version.

Some of the things Gemini for Google Workspace can do are similar to what Duet AI was able to do, including assistance with reading and writing emails, summarizing, and writing documents, doing your Google Meet-related optimizations (like Studio lighting, Studio sound, Studio look). As an admin, you can enable AI classification of your sensitive data. After you train a model, Gemini can automatically apply labels to both new and existing files in Google Drive. (NOTE: The feature is only available for enterprise-level businesses.)

Google Gemini Business or Enterprise Features and Benefits

1. "Help me write" for Google Docs and Gmail

Tired of staring at a blank email draft, wondering how to phrase your message? Gemini Business or Enterprise provides you with a convenience of AI generated email drafts based on your prompts. Gemini’s Smart Email Composer can help you write any email just prompt it with a general request. It analyzes your writing style, suggests relevant phrases, and even predicts the recipient’s response. You can refine your draft by changing the tone and length of your email. To access it, you simply need to navigate to your Gmail and hit the Compose button, you will find the Help me write feature at the bottom of the panel. 

The similar feature is available in Google Docs—it allows you to ask Gemini to draft a blog post, a project plan, and almost anything else. On top of that, the built-in Gemini assistant is a great proofreading tool that can be used for spelling and stylistic changes. 

2. "Help me design" for Google Slides and image generation

With Gemini you can boost your experience with Google Slides. The AI tools can take your bullet points and transforms them into visually appealing slides. Choose from various templates, add images, and let Gemini handle the formatting. You simply need to prompt the tool with the description of the page that you want. The plugin will generate the options for you to select. Apart from designing slides, you can use the AI model for image generation. Carefully thought-out prompts can deliver surprising results.

3. "Help me organize" for Google Sheets

Numbers don’t lie, but deciphering complex spreadsheets can be a headache. Gemini’s Spreadsheet Analyzer identifies trends, outliers, and correlations. Whether you’re a financial analyst or a marketing manager, this tool simplifies data interpretation. Gemini can help you with a huge set of things including project organization, task tracking, event management, conference agenda. Start with a prompt—keep it as descriptive as possible—Gemini will then provide you with possible options that you can make use of. The most important part is that Gemini Business or Enterprise allows you to finish up incomplete columns using the existing data. 

3. "Help me connect" for Google Meet

Gemini for Google Workspace in Google Meet offers several powerful features to enhance your video conferencing experience. You can create personalized background illustrations, such as a magical forest, to add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your video calls. 

Additionally, Gemini allows you to transform low-quality images into studio-quality visuals by addressing issues caused by poor lighting or low-quality webcams. Whether you’re in a dimly lit room or using a subpar camera, Gemini can help elevate your appearance. 

Furthermore, you can simulate professional lighting during your video feed, ensuring you’re perfectly lit for your meetings. And if audio quality matters for you, Gemini improves the audio experience in Meet by restoring your original voice through frequency balancing, even when dealing with missing or distorted audio.

What are the three model types of Google Gemini?

Google Gemini Model Types

Here are some key model types of Gemini:

Google Gemini is a family of generative AI models developed by Google’s AI research labs, DeepMind and Google Research. These models are designed to tackle various tasks and come in three distinct flavors:

  1. Gemini Ultra: This is the largest and most capable model in the Gemini lineup. It excels at handling highly complex tasks. This model is only available for premium users including the users who purchase Gemini for Google Workspace (Gemini Business or Enterprise).

  2. Gemini Pro: Considered the best model for scaling, Gemini Pro is versatile and can perform well across a wide range of tasks. This one is used on most of the publically available services. You can access it by going to

  3. Gemini Nano: A smaller, more efficient model optimized for on-device tasks, such as running on mobile devices like the Pixel 8 Pro.

Is Google Gemini for Google Workspace Private?

Although Google Gemini alone is a great solution that allows businesses to mitigate lots of routine tasks and significantly improve productivity, you might still be concerned about the privacy of the solution. To put it short, Gemini for Google Workspace is indeed private.

Google states that the subscription includes enterprise-grade data protection for both Gemini Enterprise and Business versions of the tool, meaning that your submissions won’t be used for model training. In the official post, they also point out that your requests won’t be reviewed by humans. 

How much does Google Gemini for Google Workspace cost?

The current subscription for Gemini Business is $20 a month per user for the annual plan. The monthly plan of Gemini Business is $24 a month per user.

How much is Google Gemini Business or Enterprise Pricing

As of Google Enterprise, the pricing is as high as $30 a month per user for the annual plan. The monthly plan details for Gemini Enterprise are not publically disclosed and are presumably upon further discussion with the sales team of Google.

Pros and Cons on Google Gemini Business and Enterprise for Google Workspace


1. Time-Saving: Gemini streamlines tasks, allowing you to focus on high-value work.

2. Accuracy: Its AI algorithms learn from user interactions, improving over time.

3. Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace apps.

4. Customization: Tailor Gemini’s suggestions to your preferences.

Learn about Google Gemini, how it works, and what you should do to maximize your experience with it


1. Learning Curve: New users may need time to adapt to Gemini’s features.

2. Privacy Concerns: Some users worry about data privacy when using AI tools.

3. Cost: While Gemini offers a free trial, the full suite comes at a price.

Tips for Maximizing Gemini

As with every other model, there are general maximizing tips that can significantly improve the results and your overall experience with Google Gemini:

1. Be Descriptive: When using Gemini, provide detailed instructions. The more context you give, the better the results.

2. Mix and Match Licenses: Consider combining different Gemini tiers to meet your specific needs.

3. Negotiate: Reach out to Google reps or partners for discounts. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Google Gemini is a powerful addition to the productivity toolbox. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious explorer, give it a try. Remember, productivity isn’t about doing more; it’s about doing smarter. And with Gemini, you’re one step closer to achieving that balance.