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Mobile Gmail application has been a default app for almost everyone around the world. Irrespective of its drawbacks the app used to be consistent in every way. When it comes to email signatures it used to work only on iPhone devices, but not in the most obvious way.  

My email signature doesn't work on Gmail for iOS anymore

The Gmail app for iOS used to have the solution back then. On the iOS Gmail app, you could simply turn off the mobile email signature in your settings. Although you wouldn’t be able to see the signature in the compose pane, it would still be applied automatically to your emails on the server side.

However, the latest update removed this hidden functionality. Now, the only option available is to use the standard mobile signature functionality that performs the same way as on the standard Gmail application. 

The update stirred a huge number of complaints in Gmail Community. Which dragged attention of Gmail team reps who pointed out that they tried to escalate the issue with their teams and resolve it as soon as possible. 

You should know that this hidden functionality was only available on iOS. While on Android, there was no better way than using plain text email signatures or other email platforms that allowed you to copy and paste HTML email signatures.

How to Use Plain Text Email Signatures on Gmail for iOS

There are not many possible solutions to the problem that you can resort to. The first option is to use plain-text email signatures. The app also allows you to customize it with emojis. Of course, this approach is significantly limited meaning that you won’t be able to use any images, logos, banners, etc. However, if you wouldn’t like to force yourself to move to another platform, there’s no better solution than this one. 

How to use plain-text email signatures

How to Set up your Mobile Email Signature on Apple Mail for iOS

If you still want to take full advantage of your email signatures, the best option for you would be to use Apple Mail instead of standard Gmail App. Apple Mail has the required capability to read HTML email signatures that you can simply copy and paste to your settings.  

To enable your pre-made HTML email signatures in Apple Mail follow the steps below: 

  1. Send the HTML email signature to your Apple device (send it from your desktop in an email or any other way).
  2. Copy the email signature on your phone.
  3. Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  4. Find Mail.
  5. Scroll down to the Signature section.
  6. Remove your existing plain-text email signature (“Sent from my iPhone”).
  7. Paste in your HTML email signature.
  8. Tap on your email signatures with three fingers.
  9. Hit the arrow button on the left to revert your email signature to the previous format that it originally had.
  10. Now you can just close the settings and your email signature should appear in the compose pane. 

What you have to keep in mind though is that the minimum requirement to the width of the email signature should be kept below 400 pixels for better visibility. However, it is still recommended to go through all the necessary stages of email signature optimization for dark mode and mobile view

Other solutions

Other solutions to the problem might include the use of other third-party email platforms like Spark. Installing Spark allows users to add email signatures, albeit with a slightly more complex process. 

Unlike using the built-in Gmail settings, installing email signatures in Spark requires users to insert HTML code manually rather than simply copying and pasting your email signature into the settings.

How to extract source code of your HTML signature in BulkSignature

To do that you need to extract the HTML code of your email signature from your email signature management tool. To do that on BulkSignature, you need to go to your email signature editor and click the “Source” button. You can now copy or edit the HTML code of your email signature. 

If you don’t think that Spark’s solution would work for you can take advantage of other third-party apps. The email signature installation process is usually straightforward. You simply need to locate Signature section in the apps’ settings. You can try copying and pasting your HTML email signature from your previous emails to the email platform. This way you can test each platform and find a perfect solution.  

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