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Merging user accounts or domains in Google Admin console is a multi-step process that requires attention and patience. 

In this article you’ll learn why you need accounts merging, how you can merge domains in Google Admin console, how to use data migration service in Google Admin console, how to migrate Google Drive content. 


Why You Might Need Accounts Merging in Google Workspace

The need of merging accounts in Google Workspace may turn up when your organization has multiple brands and you eventually want to merge everything into the parent company. Another possible scenario may occur when your organization acquires another company and there is a requirement to establish a unified workspace for the existing and new users. 

How to Merge Domains in Google Admin Console

The process of merging domains requires preparation and a well-thought-out plan. The thing is that Google Workspace doesn’t have a comprehensive functionality for accounts merging and deduplication. In turn, it provides several consolidation and migration options for the core Google services, such as Gmail, Drive, Google Calendar, etc. 

Thus, to merge two accounts into one there is no better way than exporting and importing data from each service separately. Once the data is successfully transported into a single account, the duplicate account can be deleted or archived. 

How to Migrate Email with the Data Migration Service in Google Admin console

Google Workspace allows you to migrate your organization’s email data if you’re migrating from: 

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or Exchange online.
  • Another Google Workspace account
  • Personal Gmail accounts
  • Email providers that use the IMAP protocol, such as Yahoo!, Zoho, Apple iCloud, and more.  

In this guide, we’ll describe how you can migrate data from one Google Workspace to another. Perform the following steps on Google Workspace domain you’re migrating to:   

  1. Access your Google Admin console ( NOTE: Your account must have super admin privileges.
  2. In the menu on the left, locate Data migration under the Account section.
  3. Click Set Data Migration Up
  4. Click Select Migration Source and select Google Workspace.
  5. Hit Start.
  6. Optionally change Migration Start Date depending on your needs.
  7. Optionally choose Migration options.
  8. Hit Select Users.
Google Admin console allows you to migrate email for a single user and for multiple users. To migrate email for a single user click Add user and for multiple users migration click Bulk upload with CSV respectively.

Due to the fact that multiple users migration is performed by means of upload CSV file, you need to keep in mind the following format guidlines:

  • The format of your CSV file should be done in the following way: Google Workspace email address,Source email address,Password 
    • For example:,,Td32eFe7
  • Don’t include the source email address if the address is the same as the Google Workspace email address.
  • If the email address is the same and you’re using a password, put 2 commas between the address and password.
    • For example:,,Td32eFe7
  • Put each entry on a separate row.
  • Don’t include header rows.
  • Use the full email address (including domain).
  • The full list of users with the source emails and passwords can be downloaded from your source Google Workspace: 
    • Go to your Google Admin console
    • In the menu go to Directory -> Users.
    • Click Download users
    • Select All user info columns and currently selected columns
    • Set the file format to CSV
    • Get rid of unnecessary columns, include the target email address and a CSV file for migration is ready

To upload a CSV file for bulk user migration, follow the steps:

  1. Click Bulk upload with CSV
  2. Click Attach File 
  3. Select the file
  4. Hit Upload and Start Migration
  5. To finish a completed migration click More –> Exit migration


How to Migrate Google Drive Content

If the size of your business is not huge the first common and straightforward solution might be to simply download Drive files to your computer and upload them to the new Google Workspace account.

Another solution might be to use Drive API, which allows you to upload, download, share, and manage files stored in Google Drive

If you don’t have a huge number of users, you can also individually share files with people in your new account. Sharing files is a quick way of sharing files with multiple users. Files immediately show up in the Shared with me folder of your Drive.  

In case, when your organization is of larger size, you might need to rely on the use of Shared drives. It’s worth to mention.

one of the key steps of domain migration is the process of moving your organization’s content to shared drives. To perform most of the procedures you must have a manager access to the shared drive. However, it’s still better to be a super admins to avoid possible limitations. 

The first step of the migration process should be about creating a folder to a shared drive: 

  1. Make sure you have Manager access to the shared drive.
    1. Go to your Google Admin console using the super admin account.
    2. From the menu on the left go to Apps -> Google Workspace -> Drive and Docs.
    3. Click Manage shared drives.
    4. Click Manage Members next to the shared drive you want to use. 
    5. Make sure your account is added and has Manager permissions. 
  2. The owner of the shared drive must also provide you with the Viewer access.
  3. Access using your admin account.
  4. Go to Shared drives and move the files you want from Shared with me.
  5. Confirm the request to move files to the shared drive.
You can now use the shared drive to transfer files to your new company domain. 

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